Plantar Fasciitis Night

JUNE 15TH - 6 PM

PF Night

Plantar Fascii-what? 

Plantar Fasciitis is a common foot injury that can be very difficult to deal with. That's why we've assembled a group of the finest experts to help you kick that heel pain once and for all.

Our team consists of:

Dr. Johncock from Carolina Podiatry Center - Discussing what exactly Plantar Fasciitis is and how to treat it.

OS1st - Discover why the FS6 Performance Compression Foot Sleeve can help relieve symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis.

Benchmark Physical Therapy - Let Derek Crane-Huston, Pt, DPT show you some in-office treatments, as well as home exercises, to ease the pain.

Superfeet - Learn how these premium insoles can help treat your Plantar Fasciitis pain among other common problems.

Hoka One One - Still wearing old shoes with your new insole? Tom will be here to help you find the best pair for you.

Don't work or run another day with heel pain! Let us help! 

June 15 - 6 pm - Fleet Feet Sports

Light refreshments and drinks will be provided. Please RSVP below.

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