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Dale Clary

The Power of Running

Dale Clary

Dale Clary

Dale was nominated by Angie Sipe.

Angie writes: 

A couple of years ago, I joined a Run for God group in our town. Little did I know what I was in for, I struggled very much, even to walk a 1/2 mile and for weeks was very discouraged and was wanting to just give up. It was a real struggle for me. Dale Clary was the leader of the group that met at First United Methodist Church in Taylorsville and meeting this gentleman was the inspiration I needed. He told his story and WOW!!! It was awesome. He was a heart attack survivor and had been through bypass surgery which involved a 6 bypass. I had never met anyone that had a story like his. He was so passionate about what he was doing which was helping people become better people always encouraging and willing to help in anyway. When I would think of quitting I would ask myself "how could I quit when I was much younger and had definitely not had open heart surgery. This gentleman showed up everytime and out performed me by a long shot but was still so nice and helpful and encouraging me to keep on and never give up. It made me want to show up and do the best I could. I never did make it to be a great runner but to this day I think back to Dale's determination to help and encourage those around him and am very thankful I got to know him and his story.

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