Aches and Pains Guide

With any physical activity there will always be a few pesky aches and pains along the way, it just comes with the territory. At Fleet Feet Sports-Hickory we carry a variety of products to help "work out" some of those kinks. Our staff is trained on all the products and can show you how to properly use them, so you can train pain free!

Trigger Point Therapy products are made of firm but pliable materials- to mimick the feel of the human hand and the effect of a deep tissue massage, that is not evasive or traumatic to the muscle. Some of products include:

  •  TP Massage Ball- great for the piriformis, back, tight calves, shoulder, tight pectorals, and neck
  • TP Footballer- great for the achilles tendon, shins, tight calves, heel and foot
  • TP Quadballer- great for tight quads, IT band, hamstring, piriformis, and hip 

Trigger Point also offers the Grid- Foam Roller, an air filled roller, with a grid design that is meant to mimick the shape of the hand. It allows you to be in control of the intensity of the massage. It is great for the whole body and core workouts.

The Stick is a "toothbrush for your muscles!" When our muscles are stiff, rigid, or inflexible the "stick" helps to release these painful areas, known as trigger points, and increase blood flow and oxygen to the targeted muscle. In turn this helps to stretch the involuntary muscle, increase the flow of critical fliuds and improve flexibility!


The Strassburg Sock is the comfortable night splint, for those who are dealing with plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and tight calf muscles. It goes on the foot just like a sock and helps to maintain a controlled stretch of the plantar fascia ligament. When worn consistantly at night or for periods of rest it can help to eliminate those first few painful steps when you get up.



In order to alleviate those pains associated with running and other sports, cold and heat therapy are often needed. Both Moji and TheraPearl products can be frozen for a cold compress, or heated in the microwave for heat therapy. What's the best part about these products? They can be strapped on various parts of the body to keep you free to move about your day!