Cold Weather Essentials

It is cold, rainy, snowing, windy, sleeting, dark, and foggy. Tomorrow morning you are going to fight your alarm clock, take a deep breath and swing your legs out of bed.  You are going to check the temperature, pull on your long tights, a tank top, and a long sleeve base layer.  If you stop there - you will not have any fun on your run.  I repeat - Do not stop there.  

From your head to your feet you may need additional items to make your run/walk or jaunt with Fido more enjoyable.  

Gloves, winter essentials  Ear Warmer, winter essentials

  • An ear warmer keeps the wind away from your ear canal.  Depending on how sensitive your ears are this can effect you in temperatures as high as 50 degrees.  
  • Recently, many companies have been making gloves that you can wear and still work your phone or iPod.  Gloves also come in handy to wipe your nose, and stash a couple tissues for longer runs.  Some even come with a key pocket on the back of the hand.  
Water Proof Jacket, Winter Essentials  Reflectivity, winter essentials
  • A waterproof jacket keeps out the wind and also the rain.  When you have a great water proof jacket in your arsenal, you almost look forward to the rainy and cold days.
  • Reflectivity, no matter the time of year you need to be sure that you are safe.  122,000 runners per year are taken to the hospital in vehicle related accidents.  Over 5,000 of those accidents are fatal.  When running, walking your dog, and biking please wear reflective items.  White clothing does not count.  

Visit Fleet Feet Sports and we will be happy to help you stay warm and comfortable while you are working towards your goals!

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