Huma Chia Energy Gel

What is Huma Chia Energy Gel?

1. It's Great Tasting! Huma strives to make healthy gels people enjoy eating. They spent tons of hours perfecting the recipe before they reached the obvious conclusion: use real fruit. That means when you taste a delicious Huma gel, you can feel good that all that flavor is not artificially or "naturally" enhanced, but 100% real fruit!

2. All Natural! Not only does Huma use all-natural, healthy ingredients (no preservatives, nothing unpronounceable), but they base their gels on Chia seeds to bring you a superfood burst of nutrients!

Some Chia info:

  • tons of Omega-3's (4915 m per ounce of seeds)
  • more antioxidants than blueberries
  • complete protein
  • 25% soluble fiber (this absorbs water, creating a gel that can help reduce hunger and regulate sugar absorption)
  • preservative and gluten free

3. Tradition. The Tarahumara Indians of Mexico are known as "the Running People", and for good reason: their tradition of running 50-150 mile races has made them the world's premier ultra-marathon runners. Huma gels build on the chia mix the Tarahumara use to fuel their epic runs and combine it with the sports nutrition research that has made energy gels a must-have for over 20 years.

Nutrition Info:

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