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Part of our mission at Fleet Feet Sports Hickory is to be a community resource of education while helping everyone achieve healthier lifestyles.

The Fleet Feet Sports Hickory team offers free seminars on a variety of health and wellness topics throughout the Hickory area. We have spoken at schools, businesses, churches, health fairs, corporate offices, medical offices, with sports teams, and more.

We want to work with your group to promote a healthy, active lifestyle for those of all ages and abilities. If you are interested in having us help the members of your group get started and gain valuable information about nutrition, wellness, exercise programs, or a specific topic you have in mind, please fill out the form above.

We can't wait to learn about your next event!

Corporate Wellness: We have a proven track record of being a quality partner to corporate human resource directors who are looking for programs to help their employees become healthier, more productive members of their team.

  • Corporate discount on training groups; minimum commitment of 10 employees participating. These will be focused on those employees who want to take the first steps to making a change.
  • Facilitating meeting between HR Directors to discuss successful campaigns and efforts that fell short of the company's goals. Fleet Feet Sports would act as a moderator of the discussion topics with an agenda prepared based on suggestions from those participating.
  • Fact-based knowledge and first hand experience with a variety of hydration, nutrition, and massage tools and products. This also includes shoes, socks, inserts, and sports bras. 
  • Hosting in-store seminars focused on topics chosen by the HR Department or committee.
  • On-site footwear and/or insert fitting.
Health Fairs: Often companies use health fairs to introduce employees to various health care services in the area. We have partnered with dozens of companies in the Catawba Valley area and with several insurance providers to attend these events and showcase how our products are beneficial and different from what one may find elsewhere, and that we have the knowledge to assist our customers in finding solutions to their questions and concerns.
  • We bring a variety of different products, so that we can touch on all that we do in the store, including shoe fitting, sports bra fitting, training groups, hydration and nutrition, massage, compression, and recovery.
  • When possible, we will provide samples of nutritional products or Nuun hydration.
  • We will provide handouts on training groups, social runs, vendor-sponsored events, as well as information as it relates to sports bra fittings, nutrition, and Superfeet inserts.
  • We can handle event of any size from 500+ employees attending a health fair to just a few dozen. We will also provide a coupon to the store to anyone who comes by our table at the health fair.
  • When permitted, we can bring the "store in a suitcase", where an employee may make a purchase of an item and take it immediately. We can also arrange for in-store pick-ups.
Lunch & Learns: Human resource directors are tasked with hosting events on-site for employees to learn about various wellness initiatives, particular events going on that would be of local interest to the employees, and to introduce different methods and techniques of dealing with the stresses and strain associated with office work; the company hosting the event provides lunch. These events are quick, with a narrow focus-massage, stretching, benefits of properly fitted shoes/inserts/socks, hydration, or introducing a sponsored training group-but we are still able to hit the highlights of the whole store.
  • We are not one size fits all. We will tailor our discussion topic to the specific needs of the company and further to the group within that company that we are speaking to on a particular day. Typically, the needs of office staff, factory supervisors, and drivers are different.
  • For companies and groups with various locations around the area, we are comfortable video conferencing the discussion to the other locations. This is a service that must be provided by the company.
  • Companies that promote healthier lifestyles lose fewer employees to sick days, which leads to a more productive employee force and lower healthcare costs.
  • These presentations are always free.
School Teams: All teams at the middle school, high school, and college levels have places where they can realize positive outcomes by pairing up with Fleet Feet Sports. Whether it's fitting athletes for inserts and shoes, or discussing how to use Trigger Point and Addaday, and the myriad benefits for our other product offerings; we are natural partners for our local schools.
  • We are comfortable hosting coaches or teams in store. We need a minimum of two weeks notice so that we can be properly staffed. For larger teams (football) we would ask they be broken up into position and assignment groups which allows us to be more engaged with the athletes and doesn't fill our store with 70+ people at once.
  • We have two different in-store events we can provide. The first is a Gear Up Fit Night where we will fit the athletes with the necessary gear, and keep notes n our system as to what those athletes' needs are. This includes sports bra fittings. We will also have a gear chat with athletes, parents, and coaches to discuss the basic necessities for athletic success. The second event is a specific day, agreed on by coaches and our store, where athletes may drop by and will receive a percentage off their purchases that day.
  • We will come to schools to talk to coaches, teams, and at parent meetings.
Athletic Training Staffs: We have partnered with a local university and several local high schools to discuss the benefits of the massage tools we carry. We have also prepared to speak specifically on the symptoms of frequently encountered overuse injuries, as well as common "runner injuries:, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and IT Band syndrome. 
  • We will demonstrate the proper use of all massage tools we carry.
  • We provide an opportunity for all interested athletic training staff to use the massage products on themselves and each other to get a better understanding with what they are dealing.
  • We will also discuss the hydration, nutrition, and compression products we carry and our FIT process to highlight the associated benefits an athlete may enjoy through proper education and support.

If you are Interested in having a guest speaker for your next event, contact us at (828) 304-4786 or fill out the form above.

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