Strength & Stretch Classes

 Looking for a way to enhance your running and overall athletic performance? Want to develop muscle tone, increase endurance and flexibility and decrease your recovery time? Don't want to hassle with a gym? Or just looking for a quick workout to fit your already full training schedule? Fleet Feet Hickory has your solution!!!

Strength & Stretch classes will focus on body weight exercises and calisthenics infused with yoga stretches to give you the ultimate muscle building and stretching combination. Exercises will focus on legs, core and glutes, the major muscle groups used to power your run! After 20ish minutes of strength training, stretch those tired muscles with yoga exercises targeting the hips, hammies, quads and glutes. Your body will thank you! Modifications always available making these classes great for all fitness levels. 

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Program Start: March 8, 2016
Program Schedule: Tuesday's 7:15 - 8:00pm
Program Fee: Free for Training Group Members, $5 for non-training group participants

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